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Every Stokes Patient is Family

Stokes Pharmacy has been improving patient outcomes with medication you trust since 1975. Our prepared medications for individual patients, veterinary or human, are compounded with the highest degree of quality for safe, reliable prescriptions in every dose.

Veterinary Professionals:
Interested in submitting nominations for the Animal Drug Bulk Substances List in regards to GFI #256 office use?

Who We Serve

Pet Owners

Pet owners trust Stokes for the consistent quality and integrity provided in our services. Our safe and effective preparations exceed customer expectations and improve pet care.

Veterinary Practices

Stokes Pharmacy is trusted by veterinarians because of our dedication and unwavering commitment to providing safe and effective preparations to customers.

Human Patients

We are one of the nation’s most trusted resources for medications and prescriptions because patients and their physicians know they can count on the quality of the products we make.

Who We Are

When it comes to quality, Stokes redefines it. Whether you’re ordering for our pharmacy for your patients, pets, or self, or you’re familiar with our sister company Epicur Pharma, you know that every dose from us comes with peace of mind.

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Same-Day Shipping

Fast Delivery

Affordable Pricing

Highest Quality

A Family of Brands Focused on Your Family

Stokes Healthcare has prepared medications for your individual patients since 1975 through Stokes Pharmacy. Recognizing the evolving needs of veterinary practices as regulations and laws changed, including GFI 256 and USP Guidelines, we expanded to include Epicur Pharma to serve the needs of many of your patients with standardized and tested bulk medications.

Each of our brands operates with key differences that impact your patient care and influence treatment plans, but they are all unified in their commitement to quality and improving patient outcomes with medication you trust.

The Medications You Need. The Quality You Deserve.

With a partner like Stokes, you can be confident in the medications you receive and use. Our commitment to quality is put into practice in all that we do, for every patient we serve.

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Veterinary Rx

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