They're knowledgeable in the field of specialty, and if unsure, always research an obscure answer rather than just guessing - they've been an awesome resource for us and for our clients.”

– Dr. Paul, VMD, Marlton, NJ


At Stokes Pharmacy we have the facility and skilled personnel to customize dermatological preparations that can provide improved therapeutic outcomes.  Many patients have skin conditions that do not respond to traditional medication or are limited to only a few strengths.

At Stokes our preparations can be made to specifically target an indiviuals' condition with creams, gels, lotions, powder or spray that may be more effective and easier to use.

Our custom compounds can help patients who are recovering from wounds, ulcers, burns or sunburn.  Other potential benefits of dermatologic compounding include custom-made medications for patients with acne, eczema, warts, scarring, fever blisters, fungal and viral infections.

Please contact a Stokes pharmacist if you have any questions.