Stokes has provided myself and my family a level of support and attention to detail unmatched in virtually any other service industry. I have one word for Stokes' level of support and service - excellence.”

– Robert, Cherry Hill, NJ

Pain Medicines

Pain, Stokes Understands

Like you, we understand pain and how it affects people's lives. That is why Stokes Pharmacy works closely with doctors to help find the right combination for each patient. We have numerous combinations of topical pain medications that help all different types of pain. At Stokes, we combine each medication with the appropriate base that will allow the medicine to penetrate the skin and relieve pain at the site.    

Compounding for pain includes medication for migraines, back pain, cancer pain and sports injuries. We have provided specific pain medication for many different hospitals and facilities as well as several sports teams over the years. There are many different options when it comes to prescribing in this area and there are several different routes of administration.  


Patients: for pain lotion application instructions - click here.

What to Expect when getting a pain lotion filled at Stokes

 Pain Lotion Ingredient List




For further information on pain therapy, please call and speak to one of our pharmacists.