Stokes has provided myself and my family a level of support and attention to detail unmatched in virtually any other service industry. I have one word for Stokes' level of support and service - excellence.”

– Robert, Cherry Hill, NJ

Why Stokes?

You want only the best for your pet and so do we. At Stokes, we service all branches of veterinary medicine and have extensive experience in compounding medicines for small animals including dogs and cats, birds, small mammals like gerbils and hamsters as well as exotic pets like snakes and other reptiles.

At Stokes we:
  • Build strong relationships with owners and medical providers to complete the treatment circle and provide the best health care possible
  • Comply with standards set by:
    • United States Pharmacopeia
    • American Society of Health System Pharmacists
    • New Jersey Board of Pharmacy
  • Use the quality raw materials that meet United States Pharmacopeia standards
  • Purchase from reputable providers
  • Test products internally and send samples to an independent laboratory for testing
  • Review each prescription numerous times during preparation as part of our rigorous operating procedures
  • Employ highly skilled pharmacists, chemists and technicians
Stokes ensures the reliability of its compounded medicines for safety and stability, potency and efficacy. 

A Stokes pharmacist will discuss your compounding needs in detail, provide consultation and answer any questions you and your vet may have.

Keeping Your Fluffy Family Member Healthy
If a pet can’t or won’t take required medicine or if an essential treatment is discontinued by the manufacturer, owners feel helpless and the suffering and damage to the animal is often irreparable. You can trust Stokes to work with you and your medical provider to create a compounded medication that will be easy to use and consume and will deliver the outcome expected. 
Stokes offers:
  • Custom dosages created in specialty powders, pastes and suspensions
  • Chewable options in flavorings that are dog and cat favorites like beef, liver, chicken and tuna
  • Transdermal drug delivery options to easily medicate with a simple application
  • Unavailable/Discontinued Medications
  • Sterile Injectables
  • Ear and Eye Drops