They're knowledgeable in the field of specialty, and if unsure, always research an obscure answer rather than just guessing - they've been an awesome resource for us and for our clients.”

– Dr. Paul, VMD, Marlton, NJ

Why Stokes?

We know that the right medicine can change someone’s life and for decades we have been delivering that promise with professionally compounded medicines for our customers. 

At Stokes we:  
  • Build strong relationships with owners and medical providers to complete the treatment circle and provide the best health care possible
  • Comply with standards set by:
    • United States Pharmacopeia
    • American Society of Health System Pharmacists
    • New Jersey Board of Pharmacy
  • Use the quality raw materials that meet United States Pharmacopeia standards
  • Purchase from reputable providers
  • Test products internally and send samples to an independent laboratory for testing
  • Review each prescription numerous times during preparation as part of our rigorous operating procedures
  • Employ highly skilled pharmacists, chemists and technicians 
The processes we have developed over time and continue to improve and test regularly make a difference in the end product for you. We research, test and compound a prescription to exact specifications designed to your special needs.
Stokes guarantees the reliability of its compounded medicines for safety and stability, potency and efficacy.
A Stokes pharmacist will discuss your compounding needs in detail, provide consultation and answer any questions you and your doctor may have.
Stokes offers:
  • Transdermal
  • Oral    
  • Ophthalmics
  • Injectabes
  • Pediatric Medications
  • Physical Therapy Medications