No question was too silly and they always had time to give me an answer and alleviate any concerns.The professionals at Stokes Pharmacy have been a supportive resource to me for over sixteen years.”

– Kathy, Delran, New Jersey


Specialized Medicines Means Better Care for You

In today’s modern world where pharmaceutical giants set the pace for prescription options, it is interesting to note the growing demand for alternatives to commercially available drugs.
In fact, custom compounding of medicines (the art of making a prescription from scratch to meet the specific needs of a patient) dates back to the origins of the pharmaceutical profession and is becoming increasingly necessary as millions of people and their physicians realize the limitations of off-the-shelf products.
Creating individualized drugs using modern compounding techniques and equipment offers improved therapeutic outcomes and quality of life.

Specialized Human Compounding Pharmacy
At Stokes, we work with you and your doctor to complete the health circle. 
Our compounding specialty areas include:

Women’s Health

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Uro/Gyn

Men’s Health


In addition, compounding can eliminate obstacles to consumption by eliminating allergens and other inactive but harmful additives as well as changing dosages or formats.