No question was too silly and they always had time to give me an answer and alleviate any concerns.The professionals at Stokes Pharmacy have been a supportive resource to me for over sixteen years.”

– Kathy, Delran, New Jersey

How to Order

For Patients:

  •  Returning Customers:  To refill your prescription online: 

VETERINARY- click here.    
HUMAN- click here.

  • New Customers:  How do I get a prescription filled at Stokes?

Phone: (856) 505-5222
Fax: (856) 505-5899

You may bring in or fax your prescription (include your phone number).  We will need you to bring in or mail us your original prescription but this will not hold up your order from being processed.   As an alternative, you may request for your physician to phone in your prescription.  Keep in mind that all prescriptions we make are based on your physician’s specifications. 

Once we have your prescription, one of our customer care representatives will contact you.  They will provide you with the cash price, obtain some basic information, and discuss payment/shipping options.  You are under no obligation to get the prescription filled.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon receiving a prescription/refill from your doctor, we will first get your approval before filling the prescription unless otherwise specified.


For Practices:

How do I place an order?

Phone: (856) 505-5222
Fax: (856) 505-5899
Email: refill@stokespharmacy.com

For office use:
You may place an order via phone, fax or email.  When phoning in, if it is something you have never ordered from us before, your call will be transferred to a pharmacist to place your order.  If the prescription is something you have gotten before, you may place your order through customer care. (Having your RX number handy will expedite the process.)  If faxing or emailing your order, please provide all information for the medicines you would like us to fill including drug, strength, quantity, dosage, and flavor when applicable. Notify us of any special requests. All controls will be verified by a pharmacist.

Scripting out:
For new prescriptions being called in for a patient you will be transferred over to the pharmacist.  If you are calling in a refill for an existing patient, you may do so through customer care.  However, if changes are being made to the strength, form, or directions, you will be transferred to a pharmacist.  

If you are faxing or emailing an order, please provide us with the patient name, phone number, doctor prescribing, drug, strength, quantity, dosage, and number of additional refills. All controls will be verified by a pharmacist. We will then contact the patient.